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Cuba destinations- Havana, Cuba

Havana is probably the most exciting city in Latin America managing to be both seedy and stylish. The province owes its growth and prosperity to the almost natural perfection of its harbour.

The Spanish, in the course of their conquest of Central and Latin America, earmarked the city as the ideal stopping-off point for their ships. In order to protect their vessels from English, French and Dutch attack, the Spanish built a wall around the city and constructed huge fortresses at the entrance to the harbour.

As Cuba's political and economic center, Havana is the focus of Cuba's youth culture; the place where you'll find the most magnificent hotels and the liveliest discotheques, where you can connect with Cubans from every walk of life.

Havana is an exhilarating place, but it can also be exhausting. There is a neurotic, anxious edge to life here, quite unlike anything you'll find in the rest of Cuba.

Is the most populated and overcrowded part of the city. It is a tumbledown residential / commercial area, the city's main shopping street, Calle San Rafael, traverses it from the Parque Central westwards. The large Partagas tobacco factory, directly behind the Capitolio, is the biggest export factory in the country, with 200 rollers turning out 5 million cigars a year.

This part of the city is occupied primarily by office blocks and hotels, business is centred on La Rampa. Directly east on Calle San Miguel between calles Ronda and Mazon is the fine Museo Napoleonico, this mansion is house of a remarkable collection of Napoleonic memorabilia. Vedado's top sight is undoubedly the Cementerio de Cristobal Colon.

This area is home to some of the most expensive hotels, restaurants in Havana and the majority of the country's foreign embassies, the tree-lined avenues and stately mansions on and around Fifth Avenue suggest that this is where Havana's elite reside.

Havana Hotels

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Centro Habana Hotels
Deauville Gran Caribe Centro Habana Hotel: 3-star hotel Centro Habana Gran Caribe from US$72
Jibacoa Hotels
Villa Trópico Gran Caribe Jibacoa Hotel: 3-star hotel Jibacoa Gran Caribe from US$59
Miramar Hotels
Neptuno - Tritón Gran Caribe Miramar Hotel: 3-star hotel Miramar Gran Caribe from US$49
Old Havana Hotels
Inglaterra Gran Caribe Old Havana Hotel: 4-star hotel Old Havana Gran Caribe from US$188
Plaza Gran Caribe Old Havana Hotel: 4-star hotel Old Havana Gran Caribe from US$100
Mercure Sevilla Gran Caribe Old Havana Hotel: 4-star hotel Old Havana Accor & Mercure & Pullman from US$194
East Havana Beaches Hotels
Villa Los Pinos Gran Caribe Playas del Este Hotel: 3-star hotel East Havana Beaches Gran Caribe from US$118
Club Atlantico (East Havana) Gran Caribe Playas del Este Hotel: 3-star hotel East Havana Beaches Gran Caribe from US$95
Vedado Hotels
ROC Presidente Gran Caribe Vedado Hotel: 4-star hotel Vedado ROC Hotels from US$135
Tryp Habana Libre Gran Caribe Vedado Hotel: 5-star hotel Vedado Melia from US$204
Nacional de Cuba Gran Caribe Vedado Hotel: 5-star hotel Vedado Gran Caribe from US$171
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